Burning Force

Arcade Video Game published 30 years ago by NAMCO

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Burning Force © 1989 Namco.

A chase-view shoot'em up where you battle high-tech enemies on a futuristic motor scooter.

The gameplay is similar to that of Sega's Space Harrier, but the worlds are divided into four areas and there is no vertical mobility. In the first two sections the player controls Hiromi on the airbike, which can move to the left and right, as well as braking and accelerating. The airbike can also fire bullets and missiles at the enemies. The third area of every world is a boss area. The airbike will be transformed into a flying ship which can move in all directions. The fourth area of each world is a bonus stage and the player has to collect as many spheres as possible for bonus points.
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Namco System 2 hardware
Game ID: BU

Main CPU : (2x) Motorola 68000 (@ 12.288 Mhz), M6809 (@ 3.072 Mhz), HD63705 (@ 2.048 Mhz)
Sound Chips : C140 (@ 21.39 Khz), YM2151 (@ 3.57958 Mhz)

Screen orientation : Horizontal
Video resolution : 288 x 224 pixels
Screen refresh : 60.61 Hz
Palette colors : 8192

Players : 2
Control : 8-way joystick
Buttons : 3


Released in November 1989.

Hiromi Tengenji, who is the protagonist in Burning Force, makes several more appearances in video games. She went on to reappear in an advertisement on an airship in Mach Breakers. She also appeared in the Namco System 12-era World Stadium games as the Nikotama Gals' defensive half. She was also a playable character in the Japan-only SRPG Namco X Capcom where she is partnered with Toby "Kissy" Masuyo, the main character of the Baraduke games. Additionally, she made an appearance in ShiftyLook's Namco dating sim, Namco High, as one of eighteen dateable characters.

Victor Entertainment released a limited-edition soundtrack album for this game (Burning Force : Namco Game Sound Express Vol.2 - VICL-15001) on 07/02/1990.


Executive producer : Devil Nakamura
Game programmers : Devil Nakamura, Yoshichin
Test program : Komo, Yama
Sound programmer : Koba
Story by : Makotomas
Production designers : Indori2, Daihadan13, Kimuko, Panzer Abe
Sound designer : Yoshinori Kawamoto (Kawagen)
Naming production manager : Nat.
Title design : takinoue
Constructive manager : Setoland
Directed by : Makotomas


Sega Mega Drive (1990)

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