BURN:CYCLE [Model 810 0114]

The Phillips CD-i Game by Philips Interactive Media, Inc.

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[CONSOLE] Phillips CD-i Game

BURN:CYCLE © 1994 Philips Interactive Media, Incorporated.

Sol Cutter's latest data theft has gone straight to his head, along with the deadly virus BURN:CYCLE. Even now, the virus is eating his brain from the inside out.

As Sol Cutter you have two hours to deactivate the virus by using your brain - while you still have one.

BURN:CYCLE features state of the art fully digitized live action sequences, magically surreal 3-D environments, and interactive game-play of mind-blowing speed and sophistication.


Model 810 0114



From Trip Media and Philips Media

Actors In Order of Appearance:
Cutter: Aaron Swartz
Kris: Viva Duce
Gala: Abigail Clinton
Doc: William Marsh
Zip: Richard Hanson
Dealey: David Stern
Bhudda: Indra Sinha
Rage: Robert Whitson
Vielli: Sam Cox
Female Cutter: Tanya Pohlkotte
Hotel Agent: Peter Leckie
Taiwanese Pirates: Minh Ngo
Barwoman: Ryo Inou Claudia Frutiger
Psychic Roulette Players: Eitan Arrusi
Orange Man: Rob Le Quesne Nick Clark
Additional Voice: Buffy Davis

Televerse Adverts: Miho Tambo, Rupert Burdett, David Jones, Joe Stephenson, Ruth Gibson, Bruno Martelli, Joe Mattey, Michael Wynter, Jeremy Quinn, Rachel Sanders, James Stevens

Guards: Tomas Roope, Dani Arrusi, Danny Earl, Chris Oades, Liam Corner, Patrick Tichy

Extras: Conrad Allen, M.C.Reddings, David Jones, Ben Reddings, Andy Polaine, Rachel Meyrick, Jonny Raven, Sophie Peacock, David Collier, Dominic Green, Flo Lowenthal, Kumi Akiyoshi, James Chercoff, Matt Laniado, Jacob Algreen-Ussing

Shoot Crew:
Production Manager: Eitan Arrusi
Line Producer: Michael Tomkins
Camera / Lighting: Conner Connoly
First Assistant Director: Sadu Fisher
Production Assistant: Robert Le Quesne
Sound Recordist: Nick Walker
Sparks: Gary Owen
Make-Up: Kim Menzies
Costume Design and styling: Gavin Fernandez, Ryo Inoue
Additional Costumes: Boom Cortina, Anella Takach, Whittaker-Malem, Pael Cooper, Suzanna Lee, The Original, Fif Lambshtrumph, P.I.L.
Prop Master: Patrick Bill
Model Maker: Mike Fairbrass
Set Photographer: Patrick Tichy
Studio Manager: Peter Patching
Production Assistants: David Jones, Sophie Pendrell, Rupert Bedette, Nick Clark, Christina, Liam Corner, Ashley Hampton
Digital Matching: Jeremy Quinn
Publicity Video: Flo Lownethal
Carpenter: Ted Chamberlaine
Casting Director: Jeremy Zimmerman
Casting Assistant: Andrea Clark
Catering: Dog Boy Productions
Studio: PCL
Camera Equipment: PCL, MIR
Lighting Equipment: AFM
Grip Equipment: British Turntables
Post Production Beta SP: REW

Second Unit:
Director: Rob Le Quesne
Assistant Director: Tomas Roope
Sound: Paul James
Camera: David Jones
Storyboards: Luke Pendrell

Production Team:
Project Managers: Eitan Arrusi, David Collier
Multimedia Designer, Special Effects, Graphics 2D/3D: Jeremy Wuinn
Designer, Special FX, Graphics: Tomas Roope
Production Assistant: Rob Le Quesne
Trainee Operator: Ashley Hampton
Line Manager: Dana Hanna
Interface Design: David Collier
Editing: Eitan Arrusi
Additional Special FX Animation: Joe Stephenson
Script Consultant: Mike Jay
Storyboards: Graham Humphries
Accountant: Andrew Riddington
Early Interface Development: Ian Martin

Production, Design Production Management: Olaf Wendt
Design, Modelling Animation: Russel Tickner
Modelling, Live action Matching: Evan Davies
Additional Modelling: Steve Hubbard

Runtime and Production Software: Graham Deane
Script language design and programming: David Collier
Video Production Software: Ian Horne
Disc Building Software: Mark Wilson
Video Sequencing software: Rupert Henry
Sequence Builder: Rob Le Quesne
CD-I Build: Tomas Roope

Original Music: Simon Boswell
Trip Sting, Spot Effects: Andy Polaine
Sound Assistant: Haris Charalambis
Sound Mixer, Spot Effects: Alex Boyesen
Spot Effects: Jeremy Quinn, Tomas Roope

For Philips: Julian Lynn-Evans, Eric Lux, Neil Jones-Cubley

Game Director and Producer Original Prototype: David Collier
Visual Director: Olaf Wendt
Technical Director: Graham Deane
Writer, Director, Original Story structure: Eitan Arrusi

Thanks to: The Premises, London Video Access, John Piesing (Philip Research Labs, Redhill), Paul Clarke (Philip Research Labs, Redhill), International Interactive Media, Howard Soroka, Chris Dudas

Game's ROM.

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