BurgerTime [Model MT4518]

Atari 2600 cart. published 37 years ago by M Network

Listed and emulated in MAME !

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BurgerTime © 1983 M Network

You move your chef around the maze in a frantic attempt to build hamburgers before the nasties converge on you. Move across the top of the burger ingredients and they will drop a level. Work all the ingredients to the bottom and you'll move on to the next maze. Score points by dropping an ingredient, squashing nasties, or giving them a ride down on a falling ingredient. Dust a nasty with some pepper and he'll stop in his tracks. If a nasty toches him, your chef is cooked. So watch out! Play alone or challenge a friend. Highest score wins.


Model MT4518


SAVE PEPPER for the times you need it most. Don't waste it on nasties that are easily avoided.

Try to get the HIGHEST point value for EACH hamburger part that you drop. Try SQUASHING a nasty! Better yet give him a fast ride down on a falling bun!

REMEMBER, your chef STOPS while he peppers a nasty. Don't get blind sided by a marauding bread stick while you're busy peppering a hot dog.

Keep away from the corners after squashing a nasty or giving him a ride. The same nasty could return in that corner and could run right smack into your chef.



Game's ROM.