Bump 'n' Jump [Model 4688]

Mattel Intellivision Game published 35 years ago by Mattel Electronics


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Bump 'n' Jump © 1983 Mattel Electronics

Bump 'em and jump 'em! Blast 'em and crash 'em. Send cars screeching off the road! Watch out for obstacles and tricky turns. Peel down the road but don't total your car. Bump and jump your way to tougher and tougher roadways. Go for a high score!


Model 4688


One day, Mattel Electronics was contacted by a couple of guys from New Jersey, Joe Jacobs and Dennis Clark, with startling information: they had hooked up a PlayCable unit to a personal computer and made their own Intellivision development system. They demonstrated that they had figured out how to program Intellivision games quite well, and they wanted to offer their services to Mattel before going to some other company. Ah, blackmail is such an ugly word...

To keep them away from the competition, Mattel contracted with them to program the Intellivision version of the arcade game Bump 'N' Jump. They, under the name Technology Associates, were paid $24,000 for the conversion.

David Warhol (Mind Strike) served as liaison, giving technical assistance as needed. Except for the title screen graphics by Daisy Nguyen, all the work was done in New Jersey, in one of the programmers' basements; they weren't invited to Mattel headquarters.


You accumulate points as you drive through each roadway. The further you drive, the more points you get. You also get points for each car that crashes. Cars are worth different points. Get 1000 bonus points if you land on an island in the water. Your score shows on the screen at the end of each roadway, or when you crash.
Make it to the end of a roadway and you get bonus points too:

* Get bonus points for each car you crash:
1st roadway: 300 points times the number of cars crashed.
2nd roadway: 400 points times the number of cars crashed.
3rd through infinity: 500 points times the number of cars crashed.

* Get 50,000 points if you don't crash another car during an entire roadway.


* Keep your speed over 100 m.p.h. so you can jump at any time!

* Steer your car toward the center of the roadway. If you're near the side you could get bumped off the road and crash!

* Drive between two cars so you can bump back and forth!

* Watch out on the causeways, they can be tricky. Another car can speed ahead and block your way. If you bump into it, you'll likely crash into the side.


Program/Graphics/Sound Effects/Music: Joe Jacobs, Dennis Clark
Title screen graphics: Daisy Nguyen

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