Bullet Mark

A 43-year-old Coin-op Gun Game by SEGA Enterprises

Impossible to emulate


Bullet Mark © 1975 Sega.

Discrete logic game with twin Tommy Guns. The guns have a recoil effect and can be fired as a single shot or in a short burst. Four series of targets appear sequentially on an oversized TV screen: balloons, tanks, pirates and aircraft. A perfect score is 979. When played as a two-player game, a score of 800 (adjustable to 600 depending on the operator) by either player automatically extends the game into an additional balloon series.


Bullet Mark the Coin-op Gun Game
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Dimensions : 100 x 325 x 148 cm.
Weight : 152 kg.

Game time adjustable from 60 to 140 seconds.


Balloon : 7 points
Tank : 15 points
Pirate : 30 points
Jet Aircraft : 45 points.

For each hit, these points are recorded on the highly visible digital read out.
For each miss however, 1 to 3 points is subtracted from the player's score.

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