Bull Frog

Slot Machine published 119 years ago by Caille Bros., The

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Bull Frog © 1904 Caille Bros.

A game of skill. Constructed like a Jackpot machine, having nine pockets that fill automatically. Coins played drop in front of cue. Player shoots coin across board to prize target, and if he fails in his aim, it may drop into one of nine pockets at bottom in which case corresponding Jackpot will empty if handle is operated. Winning pocket is indicated by flag.

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Golden oak or mahogany cabinet. Trimmings nickel or antique copper. Pin bard covered with billiard cloth. Money box with metal door inside of cabinet.

Size : 60x26x16 inches.
Weight : 185 lbs.


Percentage can be changed from 10 to 70%, as desired.

Caille's Bull Frog is very similar to Mills' "Cricket".


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Loose Change Blue Book for Slot Machines [4th Edition]