Buggy Boy

Commodore C64 cart. published 35 years ago by Elite Systems

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Buggy Boy © 1986 Elite Systems, Ltd.

Use the joystick to select a course and press fire. The race begins. Drive your race-tuned Baja Bug along the race track, passing through gates and collecting flags for points. Time gates give you an additional two seconds on the next leg so drive through them if you can. Collecting the flags in the specified order gives you extra points, Avoid hitting the fences, walls, trees etc. as they flip your buggy over and slow you down. You are competing against the clock so don t waste time, push the pedal flat to the floor. Try jumping obstacles by hitting the logs that lie across the track.

Show off your driving skills by running over molehills and tree stumps, tipping your car onto two wheels - see how long you can keep your buggy in this trick position. Fasten your seat belt for the ride of your life.

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