Buffalo [Arrangeball]

Pachinko published 46 years ago by Satomi

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Buffalo (Arrangeball) © 1975 Satomi Company, Limited.

Coin op arrangeball machine. Upon coin insert, the player is given 16 balls which are not touched by the player. The player then shoots the balls to let them fall in various pockets and/or the 16 numbered pockets at the bottom of the playfield. The far left and right pockets at playfield bottom transfer balls back to the player to be shot again. The object is to light numbers in the center matrix in columns, rows, or the center four for a score (token pay out) of 1,2, and 3, respectively. This machine has a unique feature in that a ball in the top pocket lights the number 10. When this happens the horns on the buffalo beneath this pocket slowly move upward and then back down for about 5 seconds. The object is to now shoot any remaining balls into the horns which at the top of their travel funnel balls inside. Every time a ball goes in, the player is awarded one token. Additionally the buffalo's eyes glow red during the horn movement cycle and the number 7 lights on the number matrix.