Bridge [Model AX-006]

Atari 2600 Cart. published 39 years ago by Activision, Inc.

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Bridge © 1980 Activision.


Model AX-006


Larry Kaplan, designer of Bridge for Atari 2600, has been playing bridge since high school.


Tips from Larry Kaplan, designer of Bridge.

"Our game, like bridge with cards, has millions of possible hands. I calculate that our computer can deal over five hundred million different hands. None of us in the design group has yet seen the same hand twice, and we play almost every day."

"I can't give you tips on how to beat the game, because the point isn't to beat it. Its purpose is to let you have fun running through a wide variety of Bidding and playing situations, with your choice of minimum partnership point counts, playing and replaying as many hands as you want without having to gather up other players to practice."

"Many people who have tried Bridge by ACTIVISION say that it can help partners better understand each other's bidding and interpretation of the point count system. Some of you may quarrel with some of my computer playing rules, but I tried to adjust the computer bidding and playing to reflect the way a vast majority of players would react. Bridge is a wonderfully flexible game, and most players develop their own sytle of bidding and playing. That's part of the fun of it."

"I hope you enjoy our game of Bridge. I'd love to hear from you with your comments. Good luck!"

"P.S. I would like to thank a good friend and great bridge player, Jack Verson, for his invaluable assistance on Bridge by ACTIVISION."


Programmer: Larry Kaplan


[US] Sony PlayStation 2 (nov.19, 2002) "Activision Anthology [Model SLUS-20588]"
[EU] [AU] Sony PlayStation 2 (2003) "Activision Anthology [Model SLES-51313]"

[US] Sony PSP (nov.8, 2006) "Activision Hits Remixed [Model ULUS-10186]"
[EU] Sony PSP (feb.9, 2007) "Activision Hits Remixed [Model ULES-00640]"
[AU] Sony PSP (feb.14, 2007) "Activision Hits Remixed [Model ULES-00640]"

[US] PC [Microsoft Windows, CD-ROM] (oct.2003) "Activision Anthology: Remix Edition"
[US] Apple Macintosh [CD-ROM] (2003) "Activision Anthology: Remix Edition"

[US] Android (aug.30, 2012) "Activision Anthology"
[US] Apple iPhone/iPad (aug.30, 2012) "Activision Anthology [Model 542727742]"
[US] "Atari Flashback 8 Gold Activision Edition" (sept.22, 2017) by AtGames

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