Bridge 2.0

North Star Horizon disk. published 42 years ago by DynaComp, Inc.

Listed and emulated in MAME.

Bridge 2.0 © 1979 DynaComp, Inc.

The second in a series of bridge card games, but the first to be actually published for commercial sale.

A 1-player text-based bridge game written in BASIC, in which the player is joined by a computer partner against two computer opponents in the game of contract bridge. The game consists of two parts; bidding for the for the contract, and playing the hand. The program will inform the player when they make an illegal bid or play. Gameplay follows standard contract bridge rules. The program shuffles the cards using a built in randomization requiring an initial seed value, allowing the player to play identical randomized hands in the future.


Written by: Arthur M. Walsh


Soft's Disk.