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BreakThru! [Model SNS-ABXE-USA]

Nintendo Super NES game published 25 years ago by Spectrum HoloByte

BreakThru! [Model SNS-ABXE-USA] screenshot

Listed and emulated in MAME !

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BreakThru! © 1995 Spectrum Holobyte

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Released in June 1994 in the USA.


Artech Digital Entertainments
Programming: Mike Harley, Michel deBreyne
Art: Cory Humes
Creative Consultants: Rick Banks, Paul Butler
Music Orchestration: Realtime Associates

Spectrum HoloByte
Producer: Harvey Lee
Music Composition: Paul Mogg, J. White, Andrew Edlen
QA Director: Marjorie DeWilde
QA Lead: Glen Hendrickson, Randy Lee
Quality Assurance: Sergio Vuskovic, Justin Van Den Berg, James Green, Duc Huu Le, Garth Gurley
Manual Writing: Victor Cross, Robert Giedt
Manual Design: Carrie Galbraith
Product Marketing: Tom Byron
Marketing Services: Kathryn Lynch

Art Contribution by: Presage Software
Art Director: Steve Snyder
Artist: Brad Decaussin, Nina Chen-Gentile
Additional Art: Karen Ffinch, Carolly Hauksdottir, Harvey Lee

ZOO Corporation (Original Version)
Design: Steve Fry
Programming: Steve Fry
Music Composition: Shuusuke Fujii

Special Thanks to: Pat Feely, Holly Hartz, Daniel Irish, Gilman Louie, Daniel Lucas, Jinichi Miyajima, Alexey L. Pajitnov, Hiro Taguchi, David Warhol, Steven Weinstein

Game's ROM.