Brain Dead 13 [Model SLUS-00083/00171]

A 22-year-old Sony PlayStation Game by ReadySoft, Inc.

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Brain Dead 13 © 1996 ReadySoft, Inc.

Warning: Extreme Cartoon Violence! No Cartoon characters were maimed or mutilated during the making of this game.

Deep inside the sinister castle, evil brewing...

As Lance, computer repair genius, you're summoned to the castle of the disembodied brain, Dr. Nero Neurosis. You uncover the brain's master plan...

Time is running out! Racing through the demented Doctor's twisted castle, you'll battle the ultimate mishaps of science:... Moose... Vivi... and Fritz, the half human half-pet of Dr. Neurosis. But, if you're not quick enough to evade their attacks, you'll find yourself sliced, spiked, skinned, singed, smoked, shocked, squashed, squeezed, shaved, slugged, or worse! Dying has never been this much fun!
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CD1 ID: SLUS-00083
CD2 ID: SLUS-00171


Released in March 1996 worldwide.

Export releases:
[JP] "Brain Dead 13 [Model SLPS-00514~5]"

Game's CD.