Brain Dead 13 [Model 810 0309]

Phillips CD-i disc published 24 years ago by Philips Interactive Media, Inc.

Listed and emulated in MAME.

Brain Dead 13 © 1997 Philips Interactive Media, Incorporated.

You will play the role of ‘Lance’ and you must try to survive in a world full of danger.

Your enemy 'Fritz' will follow you throughout the whole game. Your purpose is to beat the 'Brain' and to make the whole place safe again.


Model 810 0309


* Official Solution:
Following the below description will bring you to the end of the game. This is not the only path that is available to reach the end.
L: Stands for left
R: Stands for right
U: Stands for up
D: Stands for down
F: Stands for fire

L U (go upstairs) L (enter ‘Poppy’ room) L R F U L U R (enter
'Moose' place) F U R R L R U F (Lance jumps on Moose) L
D U U D D R L U L R U L (Moose falls on Fritz) R R R R L R (enter
'Ghost' room) D F F F R (enter Cellar, downstairs) D U R U R (enter
'Labyrinth') R U L L L L D D R U U (out Labyrinth, moving floor) L L L L
(first little dragon statue) F R F D (second little dragon statue) F F R
R (feet of great statue) R L R F (Lance in the air) F F R F F R D L R R
R (enter 'Caterpillar' room) F F U (enter 'Vivi's' room) F R
(Vivi's manicure) U L U R L U L L (Vivi's shave) F R R L
(Vivi's facial) F F L U R (enter 'Red witch' room) U L F L D D
(Lance takes eye of red witch) L U F U L L F (Red witch flies
against the wall) L L U R (enter 'Blue witch' room) F R D D
(Lance takes eye of blue witch) R U F U R R F U U
(Lance enters the elevator) L (first fight with Fritz) F R L R
(second fight with Fritz) L F (third fight with Fritz)
R F L F R (fourth fight with Fritz) F L R L (fifth fight with Fritz)
R F (Lance enters the 'Brain' room) L R (first attack of Fritz follows)
R D L (second attack of Fritz follows) R D F R U (third attack of Fritz
follows) D F D (fourth attack of Fritz follows) F F F R -> THE END


Game's ROM.