Bounty Bob Strikes Back!

Atari 5200 cart. published 38 years ago by Big Five Soft.

Bounty Bob Strikes Back! screenshot

Listed and emulated in MAME.

Bounty Bob Strikes Back! © 1984 Big Five Software

Bob's main goal in the mine is to claim every section of the framework in each mine cavern. He does this by simply walking over each framework piece. As he walks over a piece, it will turn solid. To get around the mine there are many slides and ladders placed throughout. When all framework sections have been claimed, Bob advances to the next cavern. Make sure that he claims all the sections as the pieces where a slide begins are sometimes overlooked.

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Programmed by: Bill Hogue
Computer graphics designed by: Curtis Mikolyski, Bill Hogue
Music by: Jeff Zinn

Poster and box graphic designed by: Curtis Mikolyski
Poster and box paintings by: Kathy Swain
Mine History compiled by: Bill Hogue, Curtis Mikolyski
Project supervision by: Dos Cartwright
Travel arrangements courtesy of ZinnAir Ltd.
Champagne supplied by: Bob Travis
Corks launched by: Jeff Konyu
Corks retrieved by Nugget and Pokey.
Conversion licenses available from International Computer Group.


Game's ROM.