Bots II

Bally Astrocade type-in published 37 years ago by Fabris, Robert

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Bots II © 1984 Fabris, Robert.

Bots II is a reworked game originally submitted by Ron McCoy. The 9x19 playing field is sprinkled with walls (I) and Bots (*). Each time you pull the trigger, the Bots all move toward you. If you they hit each other or a wall, they disappear. Bots II operates with Hand Control #1.

Knob controls the pointer as in the original version, for eight possible directions of movement, or staying where you are if the pointer is not visible (far right or left of the knob). A sound was added for audible feedback when the pointer is moved.

Trigger fires the raygun if shots are left (shown at the bottom of the screen) and a BOT is within one square. Since it has a BOT sensor built in, it cannot accidentally be fired when they are out of range. The raygun sound effect is fun as the Bot vaporizes right before your eyes!

Joystick (Forward or Backward) moves you one square in the direction of the pointer, or ends your turn if you want to stay where you are.

As in the original version, after you move one square (or stay put), all Bots move one square toward you. If they hit a wall or another Bot, they are destroyed. If they reach you, you're dead! It still gets hairy once your raygun is out of power!


Published in Arcadian 6, no. 7 (May 25, 1984): 61-61. (Bots II AstroBASIC Listing)


Programmer: Steve L. Walters