Boomer Rang

DECO cass. published 41 years ago by Data East USA, Inc.

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Boomer Rang'r [Model DT-136] screenshot

Boomer Rang'r © 1983 Data East USA.

The player controls Whirley, a caveman armed with a boomerang whose quest it is to find a lost treasure in that prehistoric land. As he searches for the lost treasure, he must fight off enemy cavemen armed with clubs, dinosaurs and other prehistoric monsters. He must also look out for vultures who drop rocks. Whirley can also mount a dinosaur and ride it after he kills the caveman who is riding it, and whenever he is riding a dinosaur, he can have the dinosaur breathe fire for a weapon.

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Runs on the "DECO Cassette System" hardware

Model DT-136


Even if titlescreen says 1983, Boomer Rang'r was released in April 1984 in Japan.

It was known to be the 36th video game made for this system (Cassette No. 36).

Goodies for Boomer Rang'r [Model DT-136]
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Planning by R&D Sec.1
Software by R&D Sec.2

Staff : Yu Suzuki, D. Kohama, Y. Sakakura, M. Sano


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