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Body Slam Super Pro Wrestling [Model 9009]

Mattel Intellivision cart. published 36 years ago by INTV Corp.

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Body Slam Super Pro Wrestling [Model 9009] screenshot

Body Slam Super Pro Wrestling © 1988 INTV

Object of the game is to defeat your opponent in the ring using strength, strategy, and a hint of sneakiness. Each match consists of a series of four-minute rounds. The first wrestler to pin his opponent to the mat for a count of three seconds is the winner.

You control a wrestler selected from 12 different characters. Your opponent is a wrestler controlled by a friend or by the computer. If you choose a TAG-TEAM MATCH, you and your opponent each control TWO wrestlers who take turns in the ring.

There are 26 possible moves in SUPER PRO WRESTLING -- drops, kicks, punches, etc. Before each match, you choose 4 to 9 moves (depending upon your selected skill level) that you will use in that match. During the match, YOU control when you use your moves against your opponent.

How many moves you can make during the match is determined by your selected skill level: the lower the skill level, the fewer the moves.
1. Beginner: 4 moves
2. Amateur: 5 moves
3. Rookie: 6 moves
4. Veteran: 7 moves
5. Professional: 8 moves
6. Super Pro: 9 moves

Each player presses the key, 1 to 6, to select skill level. Players may select different skill levels to handicap the match.


Model 9009


This was a game where Steve Ettinger and Dave Warhol were able to go crazy -- no idea was too wild. They were helped in that the deadline was extremely tight, necessitating many all-night design and programming marathons. They later admitted that many of the wackier names and moves were the result of sleep deprivation.


* When selecting your moves, choose a good cross section of different types so you're covered no matter what situation you find yourself in. When assigning them to numbers, group moves by type. When playing at the Super Pro level, for example, you might assign running moves to the top row (1, 2, 3), grappling moves to the middle row (4, 5,6), and defensive moves to the bottom row (7, 8, 9). If there is a move you consistently choose, such as the defensive Possum Roll, you might want to always assign it to the same number so its use becomes reflex.

* Easter egg 1: To display the credits, press 0 (zero) on either hand controller while the title screen is displayed.

* Easter egg 2: Press 23 (two and three simultaneously) on the left hand controller, 26 on the right and press reset to see programmer Steve Ettinger's message to his family.


Design/Program: Steve Ettinger
Graphics: Connie Goldman
Sound: David Warhol

Package illustration: Steve Huston


Game's ROM.