Blue-Print [Model 4L 2714]

Atari 5200 Cart. published 37 years ago by CBS, Inc.

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Blue-Print © 1982 CBS, Inc.

That nasty old troll, Ollie Ogre, is at it again. He's chasing poor Daisy Damsel all across the neighborhood! So what are you waiting for, hero? Get out there and stop him! You have the blueprint (plans) for the only contraption that can knock him off. All you need now are the parts with which to build it and they're hidden in the houses of the neighborhood. What you don't need are the bombs you may pick up and encounters with fiendish Fuzzy Wuzzy! But if you complete your contraption in time you'll be able to stop Ollie and save Daisy! So get a move on already! Daisy's counting on you!

The object of BLUEPRINT is to accumulate points by finding the parts of your contraption hidden within each neighborhood and successfully placing them in their proper positions on the blueprint for the contraption. Once the contraption is built, you can score bonus points by using it to stop the pursuit of Daisy Damsel by Ollie Ogre.


Model 4L 2714


* Save your speed supply for times when you'll really need it like maneuvering through the houses on the upper blocks of the neighborhood or when you unexpectedly pick up a bomb.

* Once you pick up a part, you'll be able to avoid Fuzzy Wuzzy by ducking into any nearby house. As long as you have the part you won't be able to pick up anything else.

* BLUEPRINT is, most of all, a memory game. Younger players (as well as absent-minded ones) might find it easier to play as a team. One member moves through the houses while the other member keeps track of where they've already been.

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