Blasto [Model SCUS-94412]

Sony PlayStation disc published 22 years ago by Sony Computer Ent. America

Listed and emulated in MAME !

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Blasto © 1998 Sony Computer Ent. America.

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Game ID: SCUS-94412


Released on April 15, 1998 in the USA.

Export releases:
[EU] "Blasto [Model SCES-01224]"


Executive Producer: Allan Becker
Producer(s): Jonathan Beard, David Poe
Assistant Producer: Dan Mueller
Game Concept: David Poe, Jonathan Beard, Benjamin Harrison
Game Design: Jonathan Beard
Additional Design: Keith Bachman, Dylan Cuthbert, Benjamin Harrison, Dan Mueller, Tim Neveu, Thomas Tobey
Lead Artist/Blasto Character Design: Benjamin Harrison
Lead Engineer/Programmer: Dylan Cuthbert
Animators: Thomas Tobey, Dean Ruggles
Programmers: Matt Duncan, Steve Thompson, David Williams, Buzz Burrowes
Artist: Tim Neveu
Modeling/Texture Mapping: Keith Bachman, Joe Brisbois, Hong Hoang, Tim Neveu, David Pounders
Character Animation: Thomas Tobey, Dean Ruggles
Additional Art: Jeff Garstecki, Alan Pashley, Julius Willis
Chief Audio Engineer: Buzz Burrowes
Musical Score/Composer: Chuck Doud
Sound Effects Editor: Nathan Brenholdt
Shell Art: William B. Yeatts
Additional Engineering: David Marshall
Dialogue: Jonathan Beard, Benjamin Harrison, Thomas Tobey, Matt Wickline
Voice of Blasto: Phil Hartman
Voice of Admiral Bigshot: Ken Grantham
Voice of Bosc: Dan Mueller
Senior Director of Marketing: Peter Dille
Senior Marketing Manager: Ami Matsumura-Blaire
Senior Promotions/PR Manager: Jeffrey Fox
Senior Public Relations Manager: Molly Smith
Senior Creative Services Manager: Howard Liebeskind
Product Marketing Coordinator: Nemer Velasquez
Voice of Babes: Maria H. Hernandez, Sandy Kay, Misako Usui
Test Manager: Mark Pentek
Lead Test Analyst: Tobin A. Russell
Technical Coordinator: Neil Musser
Assistant Lead Test Analysts: Benjamin Briones, Tom White
Test Analysts: Christian Arends, Mike Benton, Jose Cruz, Charles DeLay, Michael Dobbins, Alfred Dutton, Nicholas Falls, Chris Johnson, Ryan Joseph, Christopher Keith, Dave Kinel, Ivan Kougaenko, Christopher Levie, Chad Lowe, Ian McGuiness, Heather Meigs, Eric Molina, Roddy McNevin, Sean Shimoda, Corey Strock, Sam Thompson, Mark Valle, Gary Ward, Jessie Wilson
Package: Steven Wright, Beeline Group Inc.
Manual Design: Gregory Harsh, Beeline Group Inc.
Character Renderings: Mike Krummhoefner
Special Thanks: Kelly Flock, Andrew House, Nina Nisenholtz, Heidi Adams, Donna Armentor, Shelley Ashitomi, Maggie Baquero, Kim Bardakian, Gary Barth, Theresa Bottenhorn, Christa Carter, Joyce Clement, Brian Dimick, Christy Favrhow, Peggy Gallagher, Bob Gayman, Gerry Gentile, David Greenspan, Angus Guschwan, Betsy Hamilton, Kerry Hopkins, Kim Hornecker, Grace Kao, Colin MacLean, Nicole McGrath, Alexander Neff, Mimi Nguyen, Dennis O'Malley, Frank O'Malley, Terri Rago, Riley R. Russell III, Yvonne Smith, Jack Tretton, Michelle Vercelli, Marilyn Weyant, Michelle Whitmer, Toney Wong


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