Blade Runner

PC/MS-Windows CD published 27 years ago by Virgin Interactive Ent., Ltd.

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Blade Runner © 1997 Virgin Interactive Ent., Ltd.

Armed with your investigative skills and the tools of the Blade Runner trade, you'll be immersed in a world that lives and breathes around you with breakthrough lighting and visual effects. Your ability to survive will be put to the test in the richest game environment ever created for your PC.

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CD 1 ID: 1146207
CD 2 ID: 1146217
CD 3 ID: 1146227
CD 4 ID: 1146237
MANUAL ID: 1146205


Released on November 03, 1997.

Uncompressed Blade Runner with all the polygons, perfectly clear animations and everything at its highest level was over 400 gigabytes which took Westwood's mastership to compress all this on only four compact discs, so basically, other then main characters are in much less polygons and detailed, and even on McCoy pixelation can be noticed on some locations.

There are actually 12 different endings to this game. Some of the endings are somewhat random, at certain locations during the game, an event will take place. The outcome of the events, as well as which events happen, will help determine which ending you receive. This game was a testing nightmare, random events and 12 endings meant a tiresome test cycle. The Westwood Studios Quality Assurance Department played through the game over 2500 times.


Start blade.exe with the parameter SHORTY. (in commandline: blade.exe SHORTY). All characters are shorter and speak with a pitched voice.

Start blade.exe with the parameter SITCOM. (in commandline: blade.exe SITCOM) After some sentences spoken in dialogs you will hear applause or laughter.


Cast: Martin Azarow (Dino Klein), Mark Benninghofen (Ray McCoy and Male Announcer), Warren Burton (Runciter and Tyrell Guard), Gwen Castaldi (Dispatcher and Newscaster), Signy Coleman (Dektora), Gary Colombo (General Doll), Jason Cottle (Luther & Lance and Photographer), Tim Dang (Izo), Lisa Edelstein (Crystal Steele), Victor Gardell (Gaff), Jeff Garlin (Lieutenant Guzza and Early Q Bartender), Gloria Hoffman (Mia), James Hong (Chew), Anthony Izzo (Officer Leary), Brion James (Leon), Tom Jourden (Spencer Grigorian), Jerry Kernion (Holloway), Richard Kimmel (Desk Clerk), Joseph D. Kucan (Crazylegs), Jerry Lan (Murray), Karen Maruyama (Fish Dealer), Michael McShane (Marcus Eisenduller and Hawker's Barkeep and Sergeant Walls), Alexander Mervin (Sadik and Rajif), Tony Mitch (Governor Kolvig), Bruno N. Oliver (Gordo), Toru Nagai (Howie Lee), Gerald Okamura (Zuben), Pauley Perrette (Lucy Devlin), Mark Rolston (Clovis and Transient), Stephen Root (Early Q), William Sanderson (Sebastian), Vincent Schiavelli (Bullet Bob), Rosalyn Sidewater (Isabella), Ron Snow (Blimp Announcer), Stephen Sorentino (Shoeshine Man), Stephen Sorentino (Hasan), Jessica Suzanne Straus (Answering Machine and Female Announcer), Iqbal Theba (Moraji), Myriam Tupert (Insect Dealer), Joseph Turkel (Tyrell), Billy Wade (Hanoi), Mark Worden (Baker), Sean Young (Rachael), Joseph Zeoli (Officer Grayford)
Additional Voices: Lloyd Bell, Tse Cheng Lo, Gerald Deloff, Gary L. Freeman, Eric Gooch, Michael Grayford, Jennifer Hoge, Kia Huntzinger, Shelly Johnson, Michael Legg, DeMarlo Lewis, Etsuko Mader, Mohanned Mansour, Dwight Kenichi Okahara, Melonie Sung, James Walls, Sandra Wang
Character Models: Fukwon, Rob Bollinger, Marco Canestrelli, Shoosha Caroll, Jessica Clemens, James Hong, Anthony Izzo, Kenneth J. Kucan, Brion James, Miguel Lleras, Shelley Lyden, Leon Marathon, Matthew Mooney, Toru Nagai, Gerald Okamura, Bruno N. Oliver, Larry Power, Michael R. Sousa, William Sanderson, Scott Talley, Iqubal Theba, Joseph Turkel, Cristiva Turner, Cerina Vincent, Sean Young, Joseph Zeoli
Additional Models: Cary Dean Averett, Lloyd Bell, Jason Curtis, Jeff Steven Fillhaber, Gary L. Freeman, Karen Gloyd, Rick Gush, David Leary, Ferby Miguel, Ren Olsen, Bill Petro, Gin Petro, Cheryl-Ann Prenger, Rob Sandberg, Anne Silva, Kurt Vordahl, James Walls, Eric Wang, Sandra Wang
Movement Actors: Paul Bastardo, Jeff Steven Fillhaber, Mindi Gladman, Joseph D. Kucan, Lynne Litteer, Darla-Jean Ralston, Shelby Scanlan, Amy Shoopman

Executive Producer: Jerry Perenchio, Bud Yorkin
Supervising Producer: Josh Gutfreund

Executive Producer: Louis J. Castle
Producer: Donny Blank
Assistant Producer: Rade Stojsavljevic
Screenwriters: David Leary, David Yorkin
Designers: David Leary, James Walls
Assistant Designer: Tim C. Fritz
Art Director: Louis J. Castle
Lead Artist: Aaron E. Powell
3D Artists: Margo Angevine, David Austin, Cary Dean Averett, Tse Cheng Lo, Damon Conn, Gerald Deloff, Gary L. Freeman, Matthew Hansel, Miguel Lleras, Robert Marker, Ferby Miguel, Ren Olsen, Miles Ritter, Kurt Vordahl
Concept Artists: Jeff Hydorn, Jack Martin, Ren Olsen
Character Animators: Elie Arabian, Tse Cheng Lo, Damon Conn, Shelly Johnson, Aaron E. Powell
Audio Director: Paul S. Mudra
Sound Designer: Dwight Kenichi Okahara, Will Littlejohn
Composer: Frank Klepacki
Vangelis Music Performed By: Frank Klepacki
Technical Director: Louis J. Castle
Core Programmers: Michael Grayford, Michael Legg, James McNeill
Script Programmers: David Leary, Brett Levin, Denzil E. Long Jr., James Walls, Eric Wang
Installation Programmer: Maria del Mar McCready Legg
Technical Assistance: Greg Hjelstrom
Director of Dramatic Assets: Joseph D. Kucan
Motion Capture Credits: Patience Becquet, Kurt Vordahl
Production Coordinator: Paul Bastardo
Movie Compression: Tim C. Fritz
Director of Quality Assurance and Customer Support: Michael Meischeid
QA Director: Glenn Sperry
QA Lead: Michael Smith
QA Testers: Michael A. Ruppert, James Adkins, Lloyd Bell, Christopher Blevens, D'Andre Campbell, Jason Campbell, Shane Dietrich, Joseph Gernert, Randy Greenback, Jonathan Hall, Christopher Holloway, Mark Laity, Troy Leonard, DeMarlo Lewis, Levi Luke, Patrick Offord, Christopher Hix, Richard Rasmussen, Steve Shockey, Albert Springfield, John Tryon
Visual Consultant: Syd Mead
Additional Design: Erik Yeo
Additional 3D Art: Frank Mendeola, Damon Redmond
Preliminary Motion-Capture Research: Mohanned Mansour
Additional 3D Set Design: Eric Chadwick, Cody Chancellor, Mark Giambruno, Andrew Guevara, David Horowitz, Melissa Kangeter, Manuel Marquez, Art Matsuura, Andrew Murdock, Mat Smiley, Jane Sommerhauser
Additional Asset Management: Matthew Vella
Additional Sound Editing: Caron Weidner
Additional Casting: Marilee Lear
Development Support: Rick Nelson, Kurt Oehlschlaeger, Jeremy Olson, Rob Sandberg, Russell Tracy
Hair and Makeup: Cindy Cline, Robert Lattin, Armida Lugo, Jim Sakka, Katie Taylor
Wardrobe: Christie Moeller
Marketing: Lincoln Hershberger, Keith Levenson, Denise Moe, Theodore A. Morris, Christopher M. Rubyor, Laura Wheeler (Director)
Package Design: Victoria Hart
Additional Copywriting: Michael McCaa
UK Office: Louis Beatty, Rosemarie Dalton, Anthony Hinds
French Office: Sophie Cristobal, Aline Gugliermina, François Jaubert, Stéphane Radoux
German Office: Marc Buro, Thilo W. Hübner, Ulrich Mühl
Special Thanks To: Brett W. Sperry


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