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Bimini Run [Model T-55016]

Sega Genesis game published 29 years ago by NuVision

Bimini Run [Model T-55016] screenshot

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Bimini Run © 1990 NuVision

Kenji Ohara! The diabolical Dr. Orca has truck again. He's kidnaped your sister Kim and sped off to his island hideway. You've got to find her! If you don't, she's doomed - and if Orca's B.A.M. Technology succeeds, so is the entire human race!

Speed after her in your powerful off-shore power boat and race head-to-head with evil Dr. Orca's armada of powerful off-shore racers. Dodge waves of hard-to-hit helicopters and battle land-based warheads. Slugging it out with Orca's army is no picnic, but the real test of nerve is the Bimini Zone, the ghoulish warp in time where nothing is quite as it seems.

It's an endless challenge. Like the Bimini Zone, this game is never the same twice. You'll need all your courage and cunning to succeed - or the whole world is doomed to extinction!


GAME ID: T-55016


Released on October 10, 1990 in the USA.
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