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Pinball published 43 years ago by Bally Mfg.

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Bigfoot © 1976 Bally Mfg. Co.


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This game started as a handmade prototype game made by Arcade Engineering designers. Bally sent them a game to work with in creating this prototype. The game sent was certainly Bally's 1975 "Bow and Arrow" based on playfield similarities between the two games.

Arcade Engineering submitted the prototype to Bally for consideration to put it into production. Bally decided not to put this game into production and it went back to Arcade Engineering, who then sold the rights to Atari, who then made their giant game Atari's 1979 "Hercules".

A Bigfoot unit appeared on a USA television special 'US Against The World' in which celebrities from the USA competed in different sports with celebrities from the UK and the rest of the world. This NBC-TV special originally aired on Wednesday, September 7th, 1977. A different backglass was used on this show.