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Big Bang Bar [Model BIG3003-US]

Coin-op Pinball published 23 years ago by Capcom Coin-Op, Inc.

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Big Bang Bar © 1996 Capcom Coin-Op, Incorporated.

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Capcom A0015405
Model Number : BIG3003-US

Main CPU: 68306 (@ 24 MHz)
Sound CPU: I8752 (@ 12 MHz)
Sound Chip: (2x) TMS320AV120


Big Bang Bar was only released as a prototype machine (14 units were produced). It was to be released in February 1997, but Capcom went out of business before the machine was released.

The original working concept was 'Planet Mars' and featured a mechanical arm that would pick up the ball and move it across the playfield. Knowing most games ended up in BARS, the artist though the idea below might help stimulate sales. But the theme had settled down to a space bar, so the artist worked on several ideas based around that. The bar scene from Star Wars was very much in the team's minds as a basis for the setting but the game needed more humour and a lighter feel.
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During attract mode, hitting Start, Left, Right, in the following sequences will display secret messages : SLRSLR, SLRSLLR, SLRSLLLR, SLRSLLLLR, SLRSLLLLLR.

Game's ROM.