Berzerk [Model CX5221]

Atari 5200 Cart. published 36 years ago by Atari, Inc.

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Berzerk © 1983 Atari, Incorporated.

Try to keep from going bonkers as you dodge robot fire and elude the robot gang leader, Evil Otto. Your objective: Destroy robots, rack up as many points as possible, and stay alive as you move through a multitude of maddening BERZERK mazes.

Use your joystick controller to move through the electrified maze -- but don't touch the walls, or you'll fry! Press any red fire button to shoot lasers at the robots.

Watch out for Evil Otto! He's invincible; nothing can destroy him. Once he catches you, you'll never escape. He'll pound you to a pulp, grinning like a maniac all the while. Your only hope is to get out of the maze before Evil Otto reaches you. Then you'll be in a new maze, facing a new set of robot goons. And Evil Otto will pursue you again!

Each round is completed when you exit from the maze. The game ends when you lose your last life.


Model CX5221


You score 50 points for each robot destroyed. When all the robots in a single maze are destroyed, you score ten bonus points per robot. Robots explode when they're hit by your laser or the lasers of other robots, and when they run into maze walls, collide with each other, or get pounded by Evil Otto. You can score a total of 999,990 points before the score rolls over.


* As you move from one maze to another, continue pressing the fire button. It takes the robots a moment to start their attack -- you can often zap them first when you enter shooting.

* Evil Otto always enters in the same place you do. Try to get away from this danger zone and near an exit as soon as possible.

* Because Evil Otto bounces up and down, it's easier to escape him through the side exits than the top or bottom exits.

* In difficult levels where there are a lot of fast-moving, fast- whooting robots, head for the cover of a maze wall immediately. Allow the robots to collide with each other and to shoot one another or to walk into your firing range. But don't wait too long or you'll be trapped!

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