beatmania IIDX 5th style [Model A17]

Arcade Video game published 22 years ago by Konami

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beatmania IIDX 5th style © 2001 Konami Corp.

DJ simulation game from Konami's BEMANI series of games. Beatmania IIDX tasks the player with performing songs through a controller consisting of seven key buttons and a scratchable turntable. Hitting the notes with strong timing increases the score and groove gauge bar, allowing the player to finish the stage. Failing to do so depletes the gauge until it is empty, abruptly ending the song.

The game features 35 new songs, five of which are hidden. New features introduced in this version are auto-scratch (allows the player to focus on the 7 keys instead of the turntable), as well as two more Hi-Speed settings (HS2 and HS3.) 5th Style's songlist featured the first songs that would later become flashing 7s, here differentiated from regular 7s with a kanji meaning Forbidden.


Game ID: A17


Released in March 2001, the game was presented at the February 2001 AOU (Arcade Operators Union) in Japan.

Konami Music Entertainment released a limited-edition soundtrack album for this game (beatmania IIDX 5th style Original Soundtracks - KMCA-106) on 27/06/2001.


* Play the extra stage : To play a fourth stage, you must pass at least a 5 star song as your last song.

* Unlock Everything : To unlock everything in the game, all songs etc, you must achieve a 634 combo. YOU MUST GET IT ON _ONE_ SONG. You can't use an expert course.


* Consoles :
Sony PlayStation 2 (2001)


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Official website: http://www.konami.jp/am/bm2dx/bm2dx5/