beatmania IIDX 12 HAPPY SKY

Arcade Video game published 18 years ago by Konami

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beatmania IIDX 12 HAPPY SKY © 2005 Konami Corp.

DJ simulation game from Konami's BEMANI series of games. Beatmania IIDX tasks the player with performing songs through a controller consisting of seven key buttons and a scratchable turntable. Hitting the notes with strong timing increases the score and groove gauge bar, allowing the player to finish the stage. Failing to do so depletes the gauge until it is empty, abruptly ending the song.

The core gameplay remains the same in Happy Sky. Songs are now ranked on a 12-point rating scale, with the difficulties being renamed in the process as well. LIGHT7/14 is now Normal and 7/14KEYS is now Hyper. All songs have been readjusted to fit the new ranking scales. A new folder called HARD CLEAR has also been added to the song selection screen for songs cleared using the Hard mode modifier.

The game features over 45 new songs, some of which are unlocked over Konami's e-Amusement platform. Happy Sky introduced several small but significant changes to the series, such as a new difficulty scale, and a new boss song.



Released on July 13, 2005 in Japan.

Happy Sky was the last version of IIDX to support the old styled e-Amusement cards, as Distorted would switch to the new e-Amusement Pass system. A cell phone application called IIDX WAVE could customize the interface of Happy Sky, with different menu music options, different frames for the gameplay interface, and being able to create custom courses.

Konami released a 2-CD limited-edition soundtrack album for this game (Beatmania IIDX 12 - Happy sky Original Soundtrack - GFCA-30~31) on 19/10/2005.


* Consoles :
Sony PlayStation 2 (2006)


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Official website: http://www.konami.jp/am/bm2dx/bm2dx12/