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beatmania 6thMix The UK Underground Music

Arcade Video game published 23 years ago by Konami Corp.

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beatmania 6thMix The UK Underground Music screenshot

beatmania 6thMix The UK Underground Music © 2001 Konami Corp.

Follow along with the song by scratching the turntable and pressing the keys as the bars reach the bottom of the screen. If you manage to successfully hit each note on-key perfectly, a combo meter will go up, increasing your score. Do well enough by the end of the song, and you can progress to the next level.


Konami Bemani DJ-Main Hardware

CPU : MC68EC020FG25 @ 25MHz
Custom Chips : 058143, 056832, 055555, 056766, 058141, and KS10101
Sound : Custom Konami Sound Chips for Multiple Sound Channels
Res : 24kHz 512x384
Drives : Pop'N Music use 3.5inch IDE-HDD, all other games use 2.5inch.
Roms : Program and graphics on EEPROM.

Players : 2
Control : dial
Buttons : 5


Released in July 2001.

Toshiba EMI released a 2 CD limited-edition soundtrack album for this game (beatmania 6th Mix Original Soundtrack - TOCP-64138~9) on 17/10/2001.


* Unlock All Music and All Expert Courses : After inserting your coins, hold down all 5 keys on the left side. While holding, use your other hand and input the sequence on the right side keys (the 5 keys are labeled from left to right) :
Press '1' key 6 times,
Press '2' key 6 times,
Press '4' key 6 times,
Press '5' key 6 times,
Press '3' key 6 times.
If done correctly, the background will change from red to blue.
'All Music Mode' will be selectable in the game options. All Expert Courses will be selectable, and the Expert+ Course will be selectable.


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11. beatmania 6thMix The UK Underground Music (2001)
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13. beatmania THE FINAL (2002)


Sony PlayStation (2002, "beatMania 6th Mix + Core Remix")


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