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Beast Wars - Transformers [Model SLUS-00508]

Sony PlayStation CD published 27 years ago by Hasbro Interactive, Inc.

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Beast Wars - Transformers © 1997 Hasbro Interactive, Inc.

Battle with Heroic Maximals or the Evil Predacons for Control of the Universe. Navigate through Rugged 3D Terrain, Battling Natural Hazards and Enemy Armies in one of the MOst Intense Battle Games Ever!

* 10 Transformer Characters for each Mission.
* 24 Battle Missions.
* Realistic Terrain Environments & Intelligent Enemies.
* Multi-Skill Level Excitement.

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Released on December 05, 1997 in the USA.

The game was rated K-A (Kids to Adults, generally suitable for all ages) by ESRB (Entertainment Software Rating Board).

Goodies for Beast Wars - Transformers [Model SLUS-00508]
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Lead Programmer: Alan McCarthy
Programmers: Tameem Antoniades, Iain Brown, Michael Edie, Mike Ball, Tim Closs, Julian Rex
Programming Support: Mark Stamps
Game Design: James Shepherd, Tameem Antoniades, Alan McCarthy
Mapping Team: Gareth Hughes, James Shepherd, Pete Giles, Mark Ashton
Lead Artist: James Shepherd
Artists: Alan Brand, Ben Levitt, Pete Giles, Robin Chapman, Colin Galloway, Mitch Phillips
Producer: Andrew Kennedy
Studio Director: Ian Saunter
AV Manager: Peter Murphy
Music: Andrew Barnabas, Paul Arnold, Peter Murphy, Keef Baker
Sound Effects: Paul Arnold
Video Sequences Editing and Post Production: Tom Oswald
Lead Tester: Dan Smith
QA Supervisor: Sarah Lloyd
Additional Testing: Joe Pearce, Barry O'Sullivan, Stuart Harvey, Paul Brodie, Nick Double, Alex Sulman
Technologies Group Manager: Dean Ashton
Mapping and Conversion Technologies: Andrew Ostler, Matt Johnson
Animation Technologies: Ian Elsley
IT Manager: Steve Loughran
IT Assistant: Dean Miller

Producer: Andrei Nadin
Assisting Producers: Roger Cheung, Chris Down
US Producers: Michael S. Glosecki, Thomas J. Zahorik
Lead Tester: Neall Campbell
Creative Services: Steve Webster, Elizabeth Mackney, Jennifer Brackett, Samantha Parker
QA Managers: Roger Carpenter, Michael Craighead
Additional Testing: Richard Alexander, Stuart Thody, Christine Fisher, Yaw Diabah, Thomas Allen
HI Management Team: Thomas Dusenberry, Barry Jafrato, Kevin Buckner, Clive Robert, Tony Parks, Kevin Gillespie
Worldwide Marketing: Gary Carlin, Mary Miller, Debbie Shlens, Torsten Oppermann, Jean-Michel Coletti, Olivier Salomon, Liz Morgan, Thomas Jaepel
Special Thanks to Takara Co. Ltd., Hollis Research, Mainframe Inc., Radical Technology


Game's CD.