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Beast Busters - Second Nightmare

SNK Hyper NeoGeo 64 cart. published 25 years ago by SNK Corp.

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Beast Busters - Second Nightmare screenshot

Beast Busters - Second Nightmare © 1999 SNK.

A great sequel to the original game an once again city has been invaded by the undead, the players must shoot using machine guns or bombs to fight against an entire host of monsters including zombies, mutants and other creepy creatures in this frantic first person shooter! Featuring nice graphics in 3D and excellent sounds.

The plot is set in 2009 at the A.D. Tokyo Bay's floating city, "New Tokyo Port Town." Within the international specialized pathologies hospital (ISPH) rising from a corner of the city, an outbreak of an unknown virus severs contact with the outer world... authorities, carefully monitoring the situation, dispatch two marine commandos to investigate and "expedite" the matter. Yet what horror they will witness is...?

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Game ID: HNG64 No. 04

Players: 2
Control: 8-way joystick
Buttons: 4

Cabinet dimensions : 76,5'' (196,8cm) high x 51'' (130,9cm) wide x 29,5 (75cm) deep.
Cabinet weight : Approx. 550 lbs (193 kg).


Second Nightmare was released in September 1998.

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1. Beast Busters (1989)
2. Beast Busters - Second Nightmare (1999)
3. Dark Arms - Beast Busters (1999, SNK Neo-Geo Pocket Color)
4. BEAST BUSTERS - feat.KOF (2014, Google Play)


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