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BBC Vik - The Baseball Demonstrator

IBM 1620 soft. published 63 years ago by IBM Corp.

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BBC Vik - The Baseball Demonstrator © 1961 IBM Corp.

Play baseball against the computer.

Both the player and the computer pick players from a database to form a team and those teams will play against each other. The results of the matches are based on random numbers and batting averages from the database. Each event during the match is printed by the computer, letting the player know who hit the ball, when a base is stolen, a ball is caught, the pitcher hit the batter, etc. The only commands available to the player are cheats to force a hit or miss, or to request a postion of all the runners. A game lasted around 7 to 11 minutes.



Released on January 03, 1961. It was the first game available for purchase from the IBM catalogue.


Programmed by: Jack W. Burgeson (IBM Akron)
Debugger and creative ideas: Paul R. Burgeson (Ensign US Navy)