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Battlezone - Rise of the Black Dogs [Model NUS-NZOE-USA]

Nintendo 64 cart. published 24 years ago by Crave Ent., Inc.

Listed in MAME

Battlezone - Rise of the Black Dogs [Model NUS-NZOE-USA] screenshot

Battlezone - Rise of the Black Dogs © 2000 Crave Entertainment.

Far from a direct port of the hit PC game, Battlezone: Rise of the Black Dogs features new modes and a game engine optimized for the N64.

In Arcade mode, you're a hover-tank pilot, heck-bent on blasting everything in sight. In the one-player Pilot mode, you're a hover-tank pilot who must fulfill demanding missions.

In the strategically oriented Commander mode, you obtain and store resources, manufacture new units and command units in battle. The widely varying mission objectives include reconnaissance, defense, offense and establishing and maintaining bases.

In the two-player Pitched Battle, each player commands a squad of teammates. In four-player Death Match, it's every soldier for himself.

Wisely, developer Climax Studios included a comprehensive series of training scenarios.

The Turok-like controls use the C buttons to control movement direction and the Control Stick to aim up and down. The B Button turns off and on the cockpit view or, if you're on foot, switches between a first-person and third-person viewpoint. The R Button initiates vertical thrusters in vehicles.

Battlezone features more than 30 different weapons, including a mortar, minigun, plasma gun and something called the Thumper which, presumably, shares nothing but a name with Bambi's rabbity pal.


Cartridge ID: NUS-NZOE-USA


Released on March 01, 2000 in USA.


Crave Entertainment
Producer: Matthew Paul
Associate Producer: Kevin Hoekman
QA Manager: Michael Schneider
Testers: Ron Talay, John Kellogg, Brett Bigley, Dan Chaffey, Daniel Echeverria, Richard Robledo, Jeff McLean
Marketing Services Manager: Sheri Furumi Snow
Product Marketing Manager: Eddie Camarillio
Senior PR Manager: Lisa Fleury
Creative Services Manager: Ryan Villiers-Furze
Creative Assistant: Ethan Malykont

President: Karl Jeffery
Executive Producer: Christopher Hadley
Producer: Andrew Pang
3D Engine and Effects: Zareh Johannes (ZZKJ)
Lead Programmer: Mark Sinclair
Additional Programming: Richard Nutman, Tony Mack, Charles Blair, Alex Houghton, Adrian Cummings
Music Arranged By: Matthew Simmonds
Sound FX Arranged By: Matthew Simmonds
Lead Artist: Doug Townsley
Additional Artwork: Lewis Cooper, Niki Hunter, Szymon Masiak
Test Manager: Graham Archer
Lead Tester: Kraig Morgan
Testers: James Neilson, Stuart Thomson, Kevin Tattum


Game's ROM.