Battlezone 2000 [Model PA2088]

Atari Lynx Cart. published 24 years ago by Atari

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Battlezone 2000 © 1995 Atari Corp.

Based on the 1980 arcade video game.

2005 A..D. It's man vs. machine in World War 3. A mysterious virus has infected the Supertanks ultra-sophisticated computer systems, turning these mighty AI-programmed weapons of destruction against their creators. Humankind is on the verge of extinction Free the battle zones from the devastating clutches of this robotic plague!


Model PA2088


* The values you assign to your fuel, ammo and shield settings at the beginning of the game determine the maximum amount of each you can carry with you during battle. If you design a tank with 20 shields, the maximum number of shields you can have is 20. If you design a tank with no missiles and you pick up a missile powerup,that powerup wont do anything for you.

* The more shields your tank has, the slower it will move. As your tank takes damage, it will lose its shield and actually move faster.

* If your tank is extremely fast, it is possible for you to outrun missiles. You and the enemies can shoot down incoming missiles. Be careful not to shoot down your own missiles! Self destruction not only destroys your tank, but can also inflict mass amounts of damage to nearby enemies.

* The battle zone is surrounded by an impassable border. If a missile or shot hits an obstacle like a pyramid, it will stop. Missiles and shots cannot be fired past the borders of the battle zone.

* Keep Score and Items: If you reset the game by pressing OPTION 1+PAUSE, you will still keep all your items and score.

* 3D Game: Press OPTION 1 at the tank customization screen. Hold OPTION 1 and press PAUSE. Now you can play a 3D version of the game with 2000 levels.


Programmers: David Ellel, Rob Nicholson

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