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Battlemorph [Model J9017E]

Atari Jaguar CD published 29 years ago by Atari Corp.

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Battlemorph © 1995 Atari Corp.

You thought Cybermorph was challenging? Now face a whole new mixture of enemies, worlds, weapons and puzzles in Battlemorph, only on the Jaguar CD. The Pernitian Empire has been kicked out of human space but they're back for revenge! Head off their attack with the morphing War Griffon that changes shape with the environment. Fly high or low, backwards, underwater and even underground to get at the enemy's weak spots. Discover new weapons and abilities on alien worlds like nothing you've ever seen!

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Released in December 1995.


Written by Sadge.
Additional Support: Fred Gill, Peter Long, Andrew Holtom
Optimizations: Andrew Howe
Graphics & 3D Models: Joanne Surman, David West, Ian G. Harling
Films: Vince Shaw-Morton, Joanne Surman, Jon Baker
Video Editing & Sound Effects: Will Davis
Music: Will Davis
Voice Overs: Rob Brydon, Vicky Lowe
Levels Designed by: Jim McPhail, Stuart Tilley
Producer: Sean Patten
Lead Tester: Morgan Weiss
Tested by: Philip B. Gelber, Dan McNamee, Sean Patten, Leonard Sayers, Manuel Sousa, F. B. Stu, Nathan Tan
Special Thanks To: John Skruch, Eric Elliot, Ford Minton, Nathan Tan, Christopher Thompson, B. J. West, Alison Gill, Yvette Roke


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