Battle Tank [Model NES-9B-USA]

Nintendo NES cart. published 29 years ago by Absolute Ent., Inc.

Battle Tank [Model NES-9B-USA] screenshot

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Battle Tank © 1990 Absolute Entertainment, Incorporated.

Climb in and discover the earthshaking power of BATTLETANK, the only NES tank game that puts you inside the tank!

First you'll receive your mission orders; then plan your attack using the Satellite Radar Map. There's no easy route - you'll have to travel through deserts, mountains and snow fields. At every turn, you're challenged by bloodthirsty enemy defenses, including tanks, copters, machine gun fire and mines. Use 150mm shells, 50 caliber machine guns, smoke bombs and wire-guided missiles to defend yourself and complete your orders.

Launch full-scale attacks on heavily-defended enemy strongholds that include a train yard, a refinery and a nuclear power plant.

But be careful, each mission gets harder and you only have one tank per mission. Six hits and your tank is cooked.

So get fired up and ready for non-stop gut-wrenching action with BATTLETANK!




Released in September 1990 in the USA.

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