Battle Chess [Model NES-C6-USA]

Nintendo NES cart. published 33 years ago by Data East USA, Inc.

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Battle Chess [Model NES-C6-USA] screenshot

Battle Chess © 1990 Data East USA.

Did someone tell you chess is a civilized game played by civilized people? Forget it. Chess is war - a ruthless, cutthroat battle where one warrior lives to fight again and the other is left on the battlefield.

With BATTLE CHESS you don't just imagine the battles, you experience them! You'll hear the clank of armor, as you watch dramatic, 3-dimensional animations of courageous heroes fight to protect their king.

BATTLE CHESS is the most incredible chess game you've ever seen - where empires can be won - or lost!


Model NES-C6-USA


Released in July 1990 in the USA.

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Developed by: Beam Software


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