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Battle Bird

Arcade Video game published 34 years ago by Irem

Battle Bird screenshot

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Battle Bird © 1985 Irem.

A 3-D shooting game with special cabinet using stereoscopical vision with dual monitor.

In the space-calendar year, 2017, ATalpha-11 of Antares, the force of the galactic empire, and the enemy allied force of Leo have been figting fiercely with each other. The galactic empire has decided to emigrate to the nebula M-1012, escaping from the evil allied force and the force of the galactic empire has issued an emergency command to Battle Bird.
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Battle Bird was the first game to runs on the AX-902 System.

The cabinet was designed by Nanao which is the parent company of Irem and several Irem games are developed by Nanao, for example, "R*Type Leo".

This is a very rare game.


Small meteor : 100 points.
Medium meteor : 100 points.
Large meteor : 100 points.
Floating mine : 200 points.
Beldan squadron : 300 points.
Gabsel squadron : 300 points.
Kamafuta squadron : 300 points.
Cat clasher : 1000 points.
Space net : 400 points.
Gaberas : 500 points.
Space fortress : 5000 points.

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