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List of sound playables on this page (19 files):

01 outbreak (opening).vgz
02 credit.vgz
03 start.vgz
04 odyssey (player select).vgz
05 sky gunner (stage 1 [forest]).vgz
06 illegal mission (random stage [sea side]).vgz
07 terrible object (aerial boss).vgz
08 following wind (random stage [naval]).vgz
09 the advance (random stage [desert]).vgz
10 steam syndrome (random stage [railroad]).vgz
11 crisis (ground, marine boss).vgz
12 gray stream (stage 6 [cloud]).vgz
13 battle logic (stage 7 [valley]).vgz
14 aqua zone (stage 8 [empire]).vgz
15 parapsychology (final boss).vgz
16 game over.vgz
17 last episode (ending).vgz
18 photograph in twilight (name entry).vgz
19 pause.vgz