Battle Arena Toshinden [Model SLPS-00025]

Sony PlayStation CD published 29 years ago by Takara Co., Ltd.

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Battle Arena Toshinden © 1995 Takara Co., Ltd.

Prepare yourself for the first beat-em-up ever to let you battle in true 3D. Incredible graphics with thousands of fully texture-mapped and gourad-shaded polygons and super-fluid animation; eight different characters, each with a devastating array of kicks, blows and special moves, and armed with swords, spears, clubs, whips and knives; three viewpoints; normal, overhead, long-range plus an intelligent camera that pans around and zooms in and out to follow the action.


Game ID: SLPS-00025


Battle Arena Toshinden was released on January 01, 1995 in Japan.

Export releases:
[US] "Battle Arena Toshinden [Model SCUS-94200]"
[EU] "Battle Arena Toshinden [Model SCES-00002]"

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