Battle 1917

The Acorn BBC/Electron Cass. by CCS

Emulated in MAME !


[COMPUTER] Acorn BBC/Electron Cass.

Battle 1917 © 1983 CCS.

The game is played by two players on a board 21 x 32 showing a map which changes with every game. Each player has 29 pieces including infantry, cavalry, tanks, artillery and a King. The object of the game, like Chess, is to kill the enemy King who is the weakest and slowest piece on the board. The game will appeal equally to all ages and all skills. This is the machine age's answer to Chess.


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Retail price: £5.99

This wargame is based on the campaign of the First World War. Mark Lucas won the Cambridge Award with BATTLE 1917.

Game's ROM.

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