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Batman Returns [Model T-4401]

Sega CD published 27 years ago by SEGA of America, Inc.

Listed and emulated in MAME !

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Batman Returns © 1993 Sega of America.

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GAME ID: T-4401


Game Producer: Bert Schroeder
Music Composed: Spencer N. Nilsen
Music Produced By: Spencer N. Nilsen
Guitars: Greg Strong
Drums & Percussion: Brad Kaiser
Lead Tester: Vy Nong
Testers: Terry Banks, Greg Becksted, Joe Cain, Harry Chavez, Keith Higashihara, Bill Person, Chris Sinclair, Siegfried Stangenberg
Marketing: Greg Suarez
Manual: Carol Ann Hanshaw, Paula Polley

Driving Game Design: Jeff Godfrey, James Maxwell, John O'Brien
Platform Game Design: James Maxwell, Bert Schroeder
Additional Platform Design: Nancy Nakamoto, Bernie Wang
Driving Backgrounds Lead Artist: Stephen Thomson
Driving Vehicles Lead Artist: Jeff Godfrey
Driving Game Additional Artists: Thomas Applegate, Jeremy Cantor, Russel Comte, Damon DuBois, Robert Hemphill, Ray Huerta, Jayne Shrigley
Platform Game Lead Artists: Thomas Applegate, Todd Tomlinson
Platform Game Additional Artists: Robert Hemphill, Ray Huerta, Stephen Thomson
Driving Game Programmer: John O'Brien
Platform Game Programmer: Andrew Green
Game Shell Programmer: Chris Shrigley
Sound Programmer: Brian Howarth
Testers: Darin Johnson, Justin Monast
Game Directors: James Maxwell, John O'Brien

Game's CD.