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Batman Returns [Model T-4401]

Sega CD published 31 years ago by SEGA of America, Inc.

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Batman Returns © 1993 Sega of America.

Goodies for Batman Returns [Model T-4401]
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GAME ID: T-4401


In March 2015, Chris Shrigley, who programmed the game, released the source code for educational purposes to the public and said: "The lead programmers on this projects were John O’Brien and Andrew Green, John programmed the 3D driving game, and Andrew programmed the platform game sections. I was the support programmer for the overall project, responsible for the shell, including the intros, titlepage, menus, cut-scenes, and various other tools and stuff. I also wrote the code that glued the two separate games together, and all the Sega CD disc loading and IO stuff. The team of artists, programmers and designers at Acme Interactive in the early 90s were some of the most talented, coolest people I've ever had the pleasure of working with in the games business."

Goodies for Batman Returns [Model T-4401]
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Game Producer: Bert Schroeder
Music Composed: Spencer N. Nilsen
Music Produced By: Spencer N. Nilsen
Guitars: Greg Strong
Drums & Percussion: Brad Kaiser
Lead Tester: Vy Nong
Testers: Terry Banks, Greg Becksted, Joe Cain, Harry Chavez, Keith Higashihara, Bill Person, Chris Sinclair, Siegfried Stangenberg
Marketing: Greg Suarez
Manual: Carol Ann Hanshaw, Paula Polley

Driving Game Design: Jeff Godfrey, James Maxwell, John O'Brien
Platform Game Design: James Maxwell, Bert Schroeder
Additional Platform Design: Nancy Nakamoto, Bernie Wang
Driving Backgrounds Lead Artist: Stephen Thomson
Driving Vehicles Lead Artist: Jeff Godfrey
Driving Game Additional Artists: Thomas Applegate, Jeremy Cantor, Russel Comte, Damon DuBois, Robert Hemphill, Ray Huerta, Jayne Shrigley
Platform Game Lead Artists: Thomas Applegate, Todd Tomlinson
Platform Game Additional Artists: Robert Hemphill, Ray Huerta, Stephen Thomson
Driving Game Programmer: John O'Brien
Platform Game Programmer: Andrew Green
Game Shell Programmer: Chris Shrigley
Sound Programmer: Brian Howarth
Testers: Darin Johnson, Justin Monast
Game Directors: James Maxwell, John O'Brien


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