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Batman Forever

Sega ST-V cart. published 28 years ago by Acclaim Coin-Operated Ent., Inc.

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Batman Forever screenshot

Batman Forever © 1996 Acclaim.

A side scrolling beat'em-up for one or two players based on the movie of the same name, featuring the Dark Knight and his side-kick, Robin. Players control either Batman or Robin as they fight their way through numerous stages, facing battles with two of Batman's notorious foes, 'Two-Face' and 'The Riddler'.

Numerous weapons can be used throughout the game to aid Batman in his quest; including the Bat-a-rang, Batrope, Gas Gun and the Metal Cutter. Batman can reach high platforms with the use of the Batrope.

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Runs on the "ST-V [Sega Titan Video Game System]" hardware.

Screen orientation : Horizontal

Players: 2
Control: 8-way joystick
Buttons: 3


Released in May 1996.

The game was designed by Iguana Entertainment and is based on the movie featuring Val Kilmer, Jim Carrey, Tommy Lee Jones and Nicole Kidman. The game's movie license is used to full effect, with intermission scenes featuring sampled voices of the film's actors, as well as photographic stills taken directly from the movie.


Producer : Neill Glancy

* Design :
Game Design : Neill Glancy, Stephen Broumley, Carl Wade
Additional Design : Nigel Cook, Ian Dunlop, Jason Carpenter, David Dienstbier

* Programming :
Lead Programmer Titan Engine : Carl Wade
Lead Programmer Gameplay : Stephen Broumley
Tools Programmers : Carl Wade, Stephen Broumley, Craig Galley
Presentation Programming : David Crummack
Riddler Control Room : Richard Cowie
Additional Programming : Craig Galley

* Art :
Lead Artist : Michael McCallion
Artists : Scott Brocker, Patrick Thomas
Presentation Art : Gregg Hargrove

* Advanced Technology Group :
ATG Director : Cyrus Lum
Lead 3D Character Animator : Derek Robinette
3D Character Animators : Cyrus Lum, Michael Daubert, Peyton Duncan, Jason Moulton, Alan Johnson
3D Real Time Artist : Patrick Thomas

* Team Iguana :
President : Jeff Spangenberg
V.P. Product Development : Darrin Stubbington
Art Director : Matt Stubbington
Assistant Art Director : Jools Watsham
Technical Director : Craig Galley
Creative Director : Nigel Cook
Dev Support Manager : J Moon

Music : Rick Fox
Sound Effects : Marc Schaefgen

* Voice Talent Cast :
Batman : Marc Schaefgen
Robin : Michael Daubert
Sabouter : David Dienstbier
Guesser Robot : Marc Schaefgen
Feather Thug : Scott Brocker
Tassel Boss : Rick Stefan
Spice : Michelle Thomas
Sugar : Jane Notgrass
Two Face Thugs : Adam McCarthy, Victor Mercieca
Voice from the Sky : Marc Schaefgen

* Game Testing : Bey Bicker, Neill Glancy, Stephen Broumley, Carl Wade, Derek Robinette, Micahel Daubert, Peyton Duncan, Jason Moulton, Victor Mercieca, Nigel Cook, David Dienstbier, Jason Carpenter, Marc Schaefgen, Michael McCallion, Rob Cohen, Cameron, Matt, Nathan, Tyrone Miller

Producers for Acclaim : Tom Petit, John Pasierb
Hardware : Manoj Bhatngar, James Hunkins, Robin Seaver
Field Test Coordinator : Jaques Carter


Sega Saturn (1996)
Sony PlayStation (1996)

PC [MS-DOS / MS Windows, CD-ROM] (1996)


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