BasketBrawl [Model CX7880]

Atari 7800 cart. published 32 years ago by Atari

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BasketBrawl © 1990 Atari Corp.

In a desperate attempt to stop inner-city gang wars, the city leaders organized a basketball league. The league is scheduled to play on three courts: a street, a junkyard, and a rooftop. The mayor figured that a friendly game of hoops would be a much more peaceful way to settle disputes.

Boy, was he wrong!

Nobody could have predicted games like these. When rowdy gang members chased off the city-appointed officials, Scott 'the Blade' Savage, a thug from a neutral gang, stepped in. And what a referee he turned out to be! He doesn't care about fouls. He doesn't care about rules. He doesn't even have a whistle. But he gets his kicks from throwing knives at the players. With no real referee, the players can do whatever they please. And they do.

Picture this play: Slash gets the ball and passes to Bruiser. Bruiser dribbles around a junk pile and breaks toward the basket while Slash mercilessly punches Vinnie. Simon steps in to protect Vinnie and punches Slash. Bruiser takes a knife in the gut as he shoots. The ball is up, but no! It hits the bent rim and bounces back.

Vinnie breaks free and gets the rebound. He runs for the basket. A swift left hook from Bruiser, and Vinnie crumples to the ground. The ball rolls
loose. The three remaining players scramble for the ball in a fist-flinging free for all. Simon comes up with the ball. Slash pounds on Bruiser's face for not moving faster as Simon dribbles downcourt unguarded and shoots for two.

No wonder the gang members nicknamed this game BasketBrawl. To them it's not a game -- it's a street fight.

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Model CX7880


BasketBrawl scoring is just like basketball. A successful shot is worth two points. There are no three-point shots. In addition, players receive points for various BasketBrawl activities, as shown in the table below:
Successful punch: 10 points.
Picking up fist, milk or lightning: 20 points.
Making a basket: 50 points.
Winning a game: 250 points.


* Learn to exploit each character's strengths and weaknesses. Knowing the abilities of your teammates and opponents will help you with your game plan.

* If you fall behind, start throwing punches. When you are on the offense, note that the best defense is a dead defense.

* If you knock your opponent out of the game, listen for the power up sounds while you roll up the points. Picking up icons will make you stronger for the next game.

* Learn to pass in 2-on-2 games. No defense is ever prepared for a fast break.

* Avoid the Blade's knives. A knife in the gut can ruin a perfectly good layup.


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