Barker Bill's Trick Shooting [Model NES-ZT-USA]

Nintendo NES cart. published 29 years ago by Nintendo of America, Inc.

Barker Bill

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Barker Bill's Trick Shooting © 1990 Nintendo.

Barker Bill is your host. Join him and assistant Tricksie for arcade-style Trick Shooting!

Get out your Zapper video gun. Blast floating balloons before they drift away. But, don't hit the friendly dog - he'll get mad!

Rack up points by shooting spinning plates tossed by Barker Bill and Tricksie. They are happy when you make a shot, but scold you when you miss!

Shoot around window panes to knock falling targets out of the picture! Take aim at tomatoes, eggs and watermelons before they land on poor Tricksie's head!

So, set your sites for a day at the carnival with Tricksie and Barker Bill!




Released in August 1990 in the USA.

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