Bare Knuckle - Ikari no Tekken [Model G-4050]

Sega Mega Drive cart. published 33 years ago by SEGA Enterprises, Ltd.

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ベア・ナックル 怒りの鉄拳 © 1991 Sega Enterprises, Limited.
(Bare Knuckle - Ikari no Tekken)

Once upon a time, there was a peacefully productive city, until one day a powerful syndicate took over, and it wasn't long until the city became a cesspool of crime, violence, and even corruption. Despite the problem 3 police officers who consist of Adam Hunter, Axel Stone, and Blaze Fielding were trying to convince their superiors to create a special task force for this matter, but for unknown reasons the task force proposal was denied. Because of this problem, rather than seeing their city being torn apart by the syndicate the trio of determined officers decided to quit the force after they decided that enough was enough. So now it's all up to Axel, Adam, and Blaze to put their own lives at stake in order to take the law into their own hands, and give the city back to it's rightful citizens on the Streets of Rage.

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GAME ID: G-4050
CART ID: 670-1466
PACK ID: 670-1467
BARCODE (JAN): 4 974365 540500


Bare Knuckle was released on August 2, 1991 in Japan. It is known in South Korea as just Bare Knuckle (without the subtitle), and outside Japan and South Korea as "Streets of Rage".

The subtitle of this game translates from Japanese as 'Iron Fist of Fury'.

Development names: D-Swat (January 90, for the Japan market), Street Karate (July 90, for the export market). The three main characters were totally different, they were called; God Hand, Black Bird, and Pink Typhoon. Later in the development, God Hand became Hawk, Black Bird became Wolf, and Pink Typhoon became Blaze. Later again, Hawk became Axel Stone, Wolf became Adam Hunter, and Blaze became Blaze Fielding.

In order to create the soundtrack for Streets of Rage, Yuzo Koshiro went to various nightclubs and dance clubs for inspirational purposes. The responsible of SFX was quite lazy, as numerous sounds such as the extra life sound and also the game's font, are lifted directly from Revenge of Shinobi.

In 1991 Sega teamed up with Tiger Electronics, Inc. to produce a standalone Streets of Rage LCD handheld video game, as part of its 'Pocket Arcade' series.


* On the character select screen, Blaze winks at you if you wait for several seconds.

* Round Select & Extra Lives:
On the main screen highlight Options. Hold down A+B+C+Right on Controller 2 and then press Start on Controller 1. The Options screen should now have two new options to use; round no. & players (number of lives). The players option allows up to 7 lives per continue.


Director: Noriyoshi Ohba
Game Designer: Hiroaki Chino
Programmers: Momonga Momo, Little Sun
Designer: Seishi Atsumiya, Rascal Fuku-Chan, Nandemo, Udi
Music: Yuzo Koshiro
Sound Assistance: Takayuki Nakamura
Special Thanks: Tokuhiko Uwabo (Bo), Kottu, Yamaichi, Ore, Thunder, Scott


Sega Mega-CD japan (apr.23, 1993) "Sega Classics Arcade Collection [Limited Edition] [Model G-6012]"
japan Sony PS2 (aug.11, 2005) "Sonic Gems Collection [Model SLPM-66074]"
Nintendo GameCube japan (aug.11, 2005) "Sonic Gems Collection [Model DOL-G2XJ-JPN]"
Nintendo Wii [Virtual Console] japan (feb.27, 2007) [Model MAJE]
Microsoft XBOX 360 [XBLA] japan (may.30, 2012) "Bare Knuckle Collection"

Nintendo 3DS [eShop] japan (aug.21, 2013) "3D Bare Knuckle [Model CTR-JRAJ-JPN]"


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