Barbie - Super Sports [Model SLUS-00946]

Sony PlayStation CD published 25 years ago by Mattel Interactive

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Barbie - Super Sports © 1999 Mattel Interactive.

Get ready for cool Snowboarding and In-Line Skating action with Barbie!

* 2-player fun! Play alone or with a friend!
* Race and play through 10 challenging levels!
* Choose tons of cool outfits for Barbie to wear!
* Control all the action as you help Barbie do amazing flips and tricks!
* Find the keys to unlock the ultimate level - plus discover secret areas!

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Released on December 30, 1999 in the USA.

The game was rated E (Everyone, it have content that may be suitable for ages 6 and older) by ESRB (Entertainment Software Rating Board).


Executive Producer: Jeff Goodwin
Producer: Janice Adyani
Production Assistant: Travis Ruff
Design: Janice Adyani, Jesyca C. Durchin
Vice President, Design & Development: Amy Smith-Boylan
Senior Test Engineer: Tuan Trinh
QA Team: Adrian Fernandez, John Bloodworth III, Steve Gay, Tim Greenlee, Roger Hu, Jay O'Balles, Fausto Lorenzano, Jesse Rodriguez
Software Engineer: Don DeLucia
Manager Quality Assurance: Ray Boylan
Vice President of Business Operations: Timothy Waters
Director of Marketing, Girls: Lauren Berzins
Product Manager: Debbie Caton
Assistant Product Manager: Marie Whallon
Marketing Coordinator: Ginger Martinez
Vice President, Marketing: Cynthia Neiman
Vice president, Sales Mattel Media: Susan Hughes-Taigen (Sue Hughes)
Corporate Product Integrity: Kenny B. Bender (Kenny Bender)
Sr, Manager, Business & Legal Affairs: Cynthia Berry Meyer
Voice Talent: Chris Anthony, Kimberly D. Brooks (Kimberly Brooks), Grey DeLisle (Grey Delisle)
Special Thanks: Maryhelen Sandoval, Paul Taniguchi, Sean O'Balles, Jim Balthaser, Robert Bryant, Toni DeBerry, Michelle Douglas, Milton Evensizer, Steve Feicht, Craig Forrest, Darlene Geithner, Rossina Gil, David Gordon, Dawn Gottula, Joann Green, David Haddad, Cheryl E. Hager (Cheryl Hager), Daniel Kwan (Danny Kwan), Karen Kelly, Michele McShane, Pam Peretz, Greg Person, Todd Piccus, Leslee Pitschke, Kendale Sheran, Cathy A. Takemura, Sammy the Wonder Beagle

Lead Programmer: Scott Walsh
Front End programmer: Paul Griffiths
3D Engine Code: Steven Caslin
Sound Engine Code: Paul Tankard
Lead Artist: Derek Ham
Artists: Tina Palmer, Jason Haddington, Marc Stewart, Kenny Wood, Kevin Hackett ((Kevin Hacket)
Lead Animator: James Finlay
Sound Engineers: Craig Beattie, Matt Sugden
Producer: Bill Newsham
Designer: Andrew M. Gavin
Additional Game Design: Dave Lago
QA Manager: Mark Hooley
Lead Tester: Robert Hands
Testers: Jonathan Brown, Paul Dean, Mick Jagger, Wez Foster, Gregory Ellis, Michael Barlow, Megan Fearnsides, Gabrielle Tattersfield
Art Manager: Andy Noble
Executive Producers: Keith Jackson, Martin Hooley
Special Thanks: Jess Bansal


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