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Barbie Super Model [Model SNS-8L-USA]

Nintendo Super NES game published 26 years ago by Hi-Tech Expressions, Inc.

Barbie Super Model [Model SNS-8L-USA] screenshot

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Barbie Super Model © 1993 Hi Tech Expressions

Nobody said becoming a world famous Super Model would be easy. And that's what you and Barbie find out as you take off on a wonderful whirlwind fashion tour of the hottest cities in the USA!

The excitement starts on Hollywood Boulevard behind the wheel of your ultra cool pink sports car convertible. Can you get from the restaurant to the theater in time for your first big fashion show?

Then it's off to Hawaii, on to Aspen and, finally, arrival in New York for the ultimate runway competition that just might earn you Super Model status!

Each exotic location is filled with a variety of playful challenges and delightful surprises. Plus, all-important fantasy bonus sections provide you with plenty of time to practice dressing up for each fashion show, applying make up and styling hair - even walking the runway like a true Super Model!

The glamorous world of high fashion is waiting for you. Go for it!
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Released in December 1993 in the USA.

Game's ROM.