Barbie - Race & Ride [Model SLUS-00981]

Sony PlayStation CD published 25 years ago by Mattel Interactive

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Barbie - Race & Ride © 1999 Mattel Interactive.




Released on November 18, 1999 in the USA.


Executive Producer: Jeff Goodwin
Associate Producer: Chaun J. Ralls, Vance Huskins
Design: Chaun J. Ralls, Jeff Goodwin, Jesyca C. Durchin
Vice President, Design & Development: Amy Smith-Boylan
Technical Lead: Robert Bryant
QA Team: Nancy Duarte, Desiree Flores, Arren Frank, Gerardo Helguero, Fausto Lorenzano, Jay O'Balles, Ify Obiaya, Jesse Rodriguez, Micki Smallman, Tracey Smith, Julie Takata, Laurie Tom, Tim Greenlee
Software Engineer: Don DeLucia
Manager Quality Assurance: Ray Boylan
Vice President of Business Operations: Timothy Waters
Assistant Product Manager: Marie Whallon
Product Manager: Debbie Caton
Director of Marketing (Girls): Lauren Berzins
Vice President, Marketing: Cynthia Neiman
Vice President, Sales Mattel Media: Susan Hughes-Taigen
Corporate Product Integrity: Kenny B. Bender
Sr. Manager, Business & Legal Affairs: Cynthia Berry Meyer
Voice Over Talent: Chris Anthony

Lead Programmer: David Sowerby
Support Programmer: John Carlyle
Lead Artist: Derek Ham
Artists: Kenny Wood, Kevin Hackett, Andy Sutcliffe, Lawrie Pick, Tina Palmer, Julian Spencer
Lead Animator: James Finlay
Animators: Jon Jones, Gareth Cavanagh
Sound Engineers: Craig Beattie, Matt Sugden
Producer: Bill Newsham
Designer: Andrew M. Gavin
Additional Game Design: Dave Lago, Derek Ham, Kenny Wood
QA Manager: Mark Hooley
Lead Tester: Jonathan Brown
Testers: Paul Dean, Gregory Ellis, Mick Jagger, Michael Barlow
Development Manager: Keith Jackson
C.E.O.: Martin Hooley


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