Barbarian - The Ultimate Warrior [Model PSD1058]

Sinclair ZX Spectrum cass. published 32 years ago by Palace Soft.

Barbarian - The Ultimate Warrior [Model PSD1058] screenshot

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Barbarian - The Ultimate Warrior © 1987 Palace Software

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Model PSD1058


The game's inlay cover features glamour model Maria Whittaker and bodybuilder Michael van Wijk who would later become known as Wolf in the UK version of Gladiators.

The cover art is one of the most famous in video game history, due to its controversy as Whittaker was known as a "Page 3 Model" for UK tabloid newspaper The Sun, which featured topless models. Electron User magazine received many letters of complaints from readers and religious groups regarding the cover's image, calling it "offensive and particularly insulting to women" and an "ugly pornographic advertisement". Ultimately, this controversy boosted Barbarian's sales, making it a commercial success.

Whittaker was removed from the cover of re-release versions with the image only bearing van Wijk instead.

This game is known in North America as 'Death Sword'.


Created by: Steve Brown
Programmed by: Shaun Griffiths
Music by: Richard Joseph
Assistant artist: Gary Carr
Special thanks to: Daniel Malone

Game's ROM.