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Bally BASIC [Model 6002]

Bally Astrocade cart. published 46 years ago by Bally Mfg. Co.

Listed in MAME

Bally BASIC © 1978 Bally Mfg. Co.


Game ID: 6002


This first version of Bally BASIC did NOT include the 300 tape interface to save and load programs; the tape interface had to be purchased separately. This cartridge is often just referred to as BASIC.


Bally BASIC Demo:
This cartridge has a small (about 6in.) chain attached to the top-front. This cartridge was made in limited quantities and only distributed to dealers, as was also done with the Dealer Demo cartridge. This 8K cartridge (a rarity in the old days) is very hard to find. The first 4K is a crippled version of Bally BASIC that doesn't have access to the keypad or hand controllers- except #3: all the inputs are disabled. The remaining 4K of the cartridge is a program written in BASIC! This was in 1978, EIGHT YEARS before Basicarts appeared! This cartridge may have sometimes been accompanied by a 300 Baud Demo Interface. This cartridge might be #6003 (it fits there), but there is no proof of this part number assignment.


Written by: Jay Fenton


Game's ROM.