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List of sound playables on this page (17 files):

01 neo geo logo.vgz
02 first movement flowers blooming on the moon (title i).vgz
03 second movement flowers scattered by the wind (title ii).vgz
04 interlude swordsmen (select).vgz
05 first movement moonlight swordsmen -decision at dawn- (theme i).vgz
06 second movement vortex (theme ii).vgz
07 third movement the scent of bloodstained blades on the wind (theme iii).vgz
08 interlude intermission (victory demo).vgz
09 first movement passion (destiny).vgz
10 second movement afterwards (after destiny).vgz
11 interlude descent (middle demo).vgz
12 first movement kouryu - fate (kouryu i).vgz
13 second movement kouryu - distant thoughts (kouryu ii).vgz
14 first movement parting (ending i).vgz
15 second movement termination (ending ii).vgz
16 first movement moonlight (staff roll i).vgz
17 second movement blue sky (staff roll ii).vgz